Project G4

This project involved the transformation of a rather bland piece of municipal land for a wildlife corridor that continues the from previous projects (Project M5a, Project G6 and Project G8) nearby.

The project was started on 3 April 2016 with a plan to convert the lifeless, shady area under the London Plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia) into a green and waterwise garden.

The first job involved raising the canopy of the London Plane (we could not remove it) and clean up the two lovely Firethorns to remove dead wood and also raise their canopies. This has allowed the light to penetrate much further into the garden area, although much of it is still quite shaded and very dry.

The whole project took up a large area of about 100m² and therefore required the addition of a substantial network of paths for viewing and maintenance of the garden.

We did manage to hit another municipal water pipe that was a laid mere 6cm below the surface! Very frustrating and time-consuming!

Before image


After image


For a full picture diary of the garden please see the below.

Plant list

This project involved a large area of about 100m² and therefore required a substantial number of plants. Here is a list of the majority of plants we have used and a count of how many went in, however, over time this will change as we get new plant donations that can help diversify the area.

1 Tree Aloe (Aloe barbarae)
1 Monkey Thorn (Acacia galpinii)
1 Forest Bushwillow (Combretum kraussii)
162 Krantz Aloe (Aloe arborescens)
238 Porkbush (Portulacaria afra)
49 Barberton Senecio (Senecio barbertonicus)
3 African Lily (Agapanthus praecox subsp. praecox)
194 Yellow Wild Iris (Dietes bicolor)
27 Weeping Anthericum (Chlorophytum saundersiae)
67 Snake Flower (Bulbine frutescens)
24 Umbrella Sedge (Cyperus textilis)
280 Variegated mondo grass (not an indigenous plant, but we needed something to temporarily fill a gap)
1,049 Total plants (and counting)

Project contributions

Thank you to these people and companies that have helped to finance or assist on this project. If you would like to donate towards this project, please click the donation button below:

  • Jeff Sidersky for a bit of hard labour (cutting branches, forking and weeding) and supplying refreshments and after work beers!
  • Warren & Noël Sidersky (clearing rubble and green waste) and after work beers!
  • Hans and Finn Rossocha for their assistance with removing dead wood from the Firethorns
  • Barry Canin for lending tools and a bit of elbow grease to trim the Firethorns
  • The Sidersky family for plant donations
  • for plant donations

Please help... This worthwhile community project needs your help to keep it alive. We cannot provide the labour, equipment and consumables without your assistance. Please help us where you can...


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